Support visuals for engaging with users and community during Halloween season
Client: Starship Technologies
Year: 2021
Work: Graphic Design | Animation
Collaborators: Esme Pueyo​​​​​​​
Starship offers a food and grocery delivery service with autonomous robots across university campuses and cities in the US, UK, Estonia and Finland.
During Halloween season Starship launched an activation campaign to engage with communitities as well as signed up users of their service.
The campaign involved 3 actions with the chance to win a prize, - each one targeting different audience profiles.
1. Trick or Treaded:
Aimed to increase the activity of non-active users across US universities.
The users had the chance to win free deliveries for a whole semester by placing an order via the Starship app during the Halloween season.
The campaign was run digitally, creating applications for in-app, Facebook groups, Instagram stories, Twitter and newsletters.
Eventually the winners received a postcard voucher with a unique promo-code granting the free deliveries prize.
2. Spot the Pumkinbot: 
Aiming to enhance community acceptance of robots in Cities.
A jack o'lantern sticker was placed in one of the robots in each service area (PumpkinBot) and users who spotted it had the chance to win a $2/£3 promo-code by posting a picture on social media.
The campaign was run digitally on social media and on a promo tile via Starship app, achieving a high rate of participants.

3. Promo Pumpkin: 
An in-app riddle game targeting active browsers of the Starship app, with the aim of converting them to make a purchase.
The game consisted of a journey consisting of three riddles hidden in the Starship app, which could be answered via the 'search' function. After correctly answering the three riddles, the user won $5 discount for their next order.
I created four illustrations to be used as thumbnails of each 'riddle item' within the app. The illustration style was inspired by emojis, and the colour scheme was kept consistent with the overall campaign.

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